1 Million Strong is Proud to be on the road with Marcus King

“I went through a prolonged period of self-medication in an effort to feel something, anything. The high I’m chasing now is being entirely present in the music along with a few thousand of my closest pals.”

-Marcus King

Join the Party – Your Style

We all know someone who’s been impacted by addiction – or maybe we’ve been there ourselves. 1 Million Strong is here to help keep recovery or sobriety a good time and support our friends on their journey.

Connect with Community

The Phoenix creates transformative experiences without substances. The only cost is 48 hours of sobriety. Their daily events (in person and virtual) allow those in recovery to find belonging, build meaningful connections and tap into their full potential. With a focus on fitness, wellness, social hours and music events, The Phoenix is a place for all people to share in their recovery journey, their own way.

1 Million Strong is proud to be on the road with Marcus King

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